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  • #1- Rolence Elitedent® MS-1

    Dual-frequency ultrasonic scaler
    Accepts both 25Khz and 30Khz inserts
    (Magnetostrictive type)

    1. Dual frequency ultrasonic system, accepts both 25Khz/30Khz insert. Automatically detecting function, no need to adjust any button.
    2. Advantage of 30Khz frequency application: higher frequency, softer stroke contributes more comfort to those sensitive-teethed patients.
    3. Advantage of 30Khz frequency application (continued): for implant cleaning with special plastic-headed insert, conduct root canal cleaning irrigation with ultrasonic files.
    4. Boost function controlled by 2-position foot switch provides extra power to remove heavy calculus. Press lightly for normal intensity, fully pressed for turbo mode.
    5. Care more about oral hygiene: the handpiece sleeve is detachable and autoclavable in 135℃.
    6. User-friendly control panel: power switch, water adjustment knob all on the front panel.
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  • #1- Water Distiller

    Tuttnauer offers a distiller that provides pure water that is 99% free of total dissolved solids. These distillers eliminate the inconvenience and expense of buying bottled water. Their ease of operation makes them ideal for any medical, dental or laboratory application.

    Model 9000 Steam Distiller

    The Tuttnauer 9000 features a removable boiler for easy fill and a unique recessed heating base to reduce scale buildup.

    • Contemporary Euro-Style Design
    • Manual Fill – No Water Hookups
    • Automatic Shut-Off
    • Post Carbon Treatment System
    • Stainless Steel Condenser Not Aluminum
    • External Heating Element for Long Life
    • Fan-Delayed Start for Improved Efficiency
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty – Parts & Labor
    • 120VAC/ 60 Hz 750 W
    • Distillate Capacity – 1 Gallon (3.97L) in 4.5 Hours Will Provide Up to 5 Gallons (18.93L) in 24 Hours
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  • #1- Wet Model Trimmer

    Classic Wet Model Trimmers Feature Outstanding Performance and Reliability

    • Powerful and Fast Trimming Industry-leading extra-high torque motors and aggressive-cutting coarse Carborundum wheels cut fast and smooth saving time and money
    • Solid Construction Classic, heavy construction and time-proven balanced direct-drive systems run quietly and can stay steady and trouble-free on the job for decades
    • Enlarged Windows Larger work windows provide increased working area, improved vision, and full wheel use while resisting splashing
    • Versatile Tables Calibrated work tables indicates model angles and can be easily tilted and repositioned to suit nearly every trimming requirement
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  • #2 – 1HD Base Vac

    1HD | 2.5 – 4 Users

    • Remote start capability built in for HD series – remote switch not included.
    • Exhaust Kit includes piping from pump with P-Trap, drain and 23 inches schedule 80 1 ¼ inch pipe. Inlet Kit includes hose and fittings from air water separator to vacuum pump
    • As with all dry vac suction systems a drip leg is recommended on the exhaust line to prevent condensate return to the pump and is included with all systems.
    • This is the maximum number of users during normal working conditions (includes diversity). for 100% redundancy (back up / spare) do not count 2nd motor in calculation
    • All models adjustable from 5” Hg to 25” Hg. Recommended set point 15” Hg to 20” Hg
    • Noise level measured at 3.5 feet with inlet and exhaust piping connected.
    • Weight excludes packaging for shipping.
    • Optional 3 Phase 230 / 460 / 575 – 220v single phase models include a buck boost with each pump to adjust voltage to 220 volts +/- 5 volts
    • Systems come complete with: air/water separator, auto drain kit, quick disconnect hose kit, inlet piping kit and exhaust piping kit.
    • 1HD Series pumps are expandable to 2HD systems with a simple upgrade kit or up to three pumps, with the addition of a wall mounted control panel and upgraded inlet and exhaust piping kits.
    • Larger capacity and continuous run air water separators are compatible with 1HD systems.
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  • #2 – A6 Patient Chair Only

    The A6 Patient Chair is a compact, ergonomic and modern dental chair. It features a hybrid lift system that combines a strong hydraulic base and a quiet electromechanical back motor that allows a smooth synchronized movement of the chair to deliver faster patient positioning. In addition, the thin backrest and contoured base plate allows the user optimal maneuverability and access to the oral cavity.

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  • #2 – Base Vac Air Compressor 1-3 Users

    You’ve grown to love the power, efficiency & dependability of our dry vacuum systems. Now it’s time to see how we have brought that engineering to our oil-free compressors. Our engineers have designed our compressors for years of reliable service with performance you can trust. A heavy duty block, durable cast cylinders, forged steel connecting rods, and precision machined aluminum pistons means you’ll get the longevity you deserve from a compressor. And with a 100% oil free design and our patented Perma Dry self purging desiccant dryer you’ll get the high-quality air you need.

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  • #2 – Best Quality

    You can’t find custom dental cabinets with higher quality materials or craftsmanship anywhere in Canada! MKR Dental Cabinets uses superior materials to build their cabinets because they know you want cabinets that will hold up for many, many years.

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  • #2 – DCI HP Flush System

    DCI Handpiece Flush System 

    • Provides regulated and filtered air for cleaning and aiding in the lubrication of handpieces
    • Purges air & water coolant lines
    • Compact table top model
    • No foot control required
    • Adjustable air pressure w/ easy to read gauge
    • Aids in quick relubricating following autoclaving
    • Bottle collects excess lubricant
    • 35 micron filter
    • Easy to clean surfaces
    • Easy installation
    • Requires 80 PSI 1/4″ air hook up
    • For high speed handpieces only

    Requires Handpiece Adapter  E-Style Adapter # 4078 Borden Adapter # 4087 Henry Schein Adapter # 4098 KAVO Adapter # 4086 Lares Adapter # 4090 Midwest 4 or 5 hole Adapter # 4088 Midwest XGT Adapter & Stylus with Swivel # 4111 NSK Adapter # 4084 Star Adapter # 4089 W & H Adapter # 4096 Replacement Bottle, Less Cap # 4081 Cap with Vent Holes # 4082 Silicone Tubing, 6″ Length # 4076.

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  • #2 – Dentx 810 Basic

    Daylight Loader

    • A must have when Film Processor installed in bright office area.
    • Very convenient way to load films for panoramic cassettes.
    • See trough orange or red glass to help see the inside of working area.
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