#8 – Flight A6 Standard Chair PKG.



  • Hybrid – Hydraulic base and elecromechanical backrest
  • Ergonomically engineered seat and cushion design
  • Synchronized seat and backrest movement
  • Ultrathin backrest and seat rest providing optimal access for the doctor
  • Deluxe foot control with two programmable positions, return position and last position
  • Easy release drop down arm rest
  • Double articulating headrest provides unlimited positioning for patient comfort
  • Adjustable for height
  • All Metal Construction
  • Cast-Iron backrest and baseplate
  • Toe Guard protection
  • 12 seamless or Plush upholstery selections
  • UltraleatherTM Upgrade
  • Input voltage 120V or 220V

Standard Package: A6 Chair, OTP Delivery System, Cuspidor, LED Operating Light, Assistant Instrumentation

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