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  • #5 – Sensor Image Works

    Sensor Attributes:

    • Durable CMOS technology provides superior images using only a fraction of the power required by other digital sensor technologies
    • Works with all major imaging software
    • Impact-resistant housings are designed to minimize damage and wear from a biting patient
    • Fantastic resolution: 20+ lp/mm
    • Sensor comes in adult size (size 2) and pedo size (size 1)
    • Rounded corners for comfort
    • Hot swapping sensors between multiple computers offers greater speed, convenience and value
    • Service multiple operatories with one sensor using the docking station
    • Small, inexpensive docking stations fit in the palm of your hand and make expansion easy
    • Razor thin: aprox. 5 mm thick
    • Two-year limited warranty for peace of mind
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