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  • #1 – Endos ACP

    AC Intraoral X-Ray – Endos ACP

    Tailored Settings: Optimize exposure parameters at the touch of a key. Specific modality may be chosen to optimize based on size of the patient and the dentition area.Smooth and Robust Movement: Quality craftsmanship that provides light-as-air movement with long term arm stability.Flexibility: Endos can be configured with a remote timer allowing you to set all the exposure parameters outside the examination room for staff safety.

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  • #2 – Intraskan DC

    DC Intraoral X-Ray – IntraSkan DC

    Best Image First Time Every Time: Power Factor Correction assures highly stable and consistent output regardless of quality of input power source.
    Reduced Dosage: Patented shielding method makes leakage close to zero. The DC system significantly reduces harmful soft radiation, compared to conventional AC type machines.
    Long Lasting Quality: Life cycle tested both mechanically and electrically over 200,000 cycles. Assures the unit will last.

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  • #3 – Mobile Intraskan

    Mobile Intraoral X-ray – Mobile Intraskan

    One Unit for Multiple Operatories: Make your X-Ray unit work for you by leveraging your investment across many different operatories.Easy Installation: No wall mounting or invasive construction work to your office.Small Footprint: Compact design allows it to fit in many tight spaces.Best in Class Performance: All the same dosage and image quality advantages of Intraskan DC, but now it’s mobile!

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  • #4 – Duray XC

    Duray DC X-ray Unit opens a new era for intraoral units: a new era characterized by peerless convenience, easiness of use and innovative design.

    A model of state-of-the-art technology, thanks to its high frequency generator coupled with the mains-fluctuations compensating timer, Duray DC X-ray Unit makes a step further in the direction of user friendliness: its beautiful, shield-shaped control unit integrates a large area display showing the parameters efficiently organized in working areas and, for the first time, cleverly combining icons and tooth name. This assures optimal visibility all over the operating process, helping the user to limit the attention to be paid to system’s settings, to better concentrate on the operation itself.

    Design with the dentist’s workflow in mind, Duray DC X-ray Unit come to the user’s aid also at the moment of the exposure: the availability of a wireless command allows to forget the limitations of a fixed activation switch, thus representing a significant advantage, particularly appreciated during full-mouth series.

    Thanks to its huge range of configurations, either fixed or mobile, Duray DC X-ray Unit can be Installed in any clinical environment and the standard availability of preset settings for films, Photostimulable Phosphor Plates (PSP), or Digital Detectors, allows the use with any receptor, from any manufacturer.

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  • #5 – Sensor Image Works

    Sensor Attributes:

    • Durable CMOS technology provides superior images using only a fraction of the power required by other digital sensor technologies
    • Works with all major imaging software
    • Impact-resistant housings are designed to minimize damage and wear from a biting patient
    • Fantastic resolution: 20+ lp/mm
    • Sensor comes in adult size (size 2) and pedo size (size 1)
    • Rounded corners for comfort
    • Hot swapping sensors between multiple computers offers greater speed, convenience and value
    • Service multiple operatories with one sensor using the docking station
    • Small, inexpensive docking stations fit in the palm of your hand and make expansion easy
    • Razor thin: aprox. 5 mm thick
    • Two-year limited warranty for peace of mind
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  • #6 – Pan Image Works

    Panoramic and 3D Imaging

    The Panoura 18S is the most practical advanced 2D and 3D dental imaging system. Ideal for doctors who need Panoramic, Ceph and 3D capabilities all in one compact, low-cost platform.

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  • #7 – Comfor X-Viewer

    • Thin, state-of-the-art profile requires minimum space
    • LED provides even illumination and 50,000 hours of life span
    • Easily portable and lightweight
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