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  • #1- Wet Model Trimmer

    Classic Wet Model Trimmers Feature Outstanding Performance and Reliability

    • Powerful and Fast Trimming Industry-leading extra-high torque motors and aggressive-cutting coarse Carborundum wheels cut fast and smooth saving time and money
    • Solid Construction Classic, heavy construction and time-proven balanced direct-drive systems run quietly and can stay steady and trouble-free on the job for decades
    • Enlarged Windows Larger work windows provide increased working area, improved vision, and full wheel use while resisting splashing
    • Versatile Tables Calibrated work tables indicates model angles and can be easily tilted and repositioned to suit nearly every trimming requirement
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  • #2 – OptiblastII™ / Opti™ Workstation

    Abrasive micro-sandblasting is a popular procedure used in the dental lab for increasing bonding strengths prior to repairing or cementing restorations. Treatment with the Optiblast II prior to bonding can increase the surface area of metals, porcelains, and
    composites up to 400% and greatly increase the resultant bonding strengths. The non-recirculating design also makes quick and easy work of everyday micro cleaning and roughening tasks in the lab.

    Optiblast II is one of the highest value and easiest to maintain systems available, and is superior to other microblasters on the market. Our precision, commercial-grade needle valve is used to accurately control airflow as opposed to other systems that use a less expensive pinch valve system. It’s another great value from Buffalo Dental, a proven leader in dental products and supplies!

    • Small body (6 1/2″ long x 5/8″ diameter) minimizes fatigue and improves access
    • Precision fingertip-controlled needle valve provides superior tactile sensitivity
    • Adjustable head to allow for varying work angles
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  • #3 – Sta-Vac II Vacuum Forming System

    Improved Classic High Performance Vacuum Forming System that Allows Both Traditional Flat Table and Accurate Bead Basket Adaptations.

    • Versatile New ConverTable
    • Combination Vacuum Table and Bead Basket Unique new table design can be used in quick and easy flat table mode or flipped over and used in the versatile bead basket mode for infinite model positioning and improved vacuum flow
    • High Performance Electric Vacuum Forming System Dual-stage electric vacuum motor provides powerful suction and highly accurate adaptations- no compressed air connections required!
    • Accurate Frame and Alignment System Spring loaded, self-leveling, gasket-sealed frame handles a variety of 5” x 5” sheet materials, and the square center post assures smooth operation and guarantees alignment of frame and table
    • Heavy Duty Construction Solid construction (7” W x 16” D x 11” H, 32 lbs.) for maximum durability and long life
    • Convenient and Safe Design Unique housing design prevents motor contamination, shields heater, and promotes ergonomic operation
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  • #4 – Buffalo Vibrators

    Our Premium Vibrators come in a variety of options. Ranging from small, medium and large, Buffalo Dental Vibrators are powerful and effective!

    • No. 200 Extra – Heavy Duty Vibrator
    • No. 2 Heavy Duty Vibrator
    • No. 1A Vibrator
    • No. 1B Vibrator
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  • #5 – X50 Lab Handpiece

    Premium 50,000 RPM High Torque System!

    • Ultra-High Torque Cutting Power Brushless high-torque motor and control system provide brute-strength 7.8 N. cm. torque and precise control from 1,000 to 50,000 rpm with no carbon brush maintenance.
    • New Whisper-Quiet Motor New brushless motor features ultra-quiet and extremely smooth operation. Improved bearings and balance provide highly-concentric, vibration-free operation in a sealed, maintenance-free design. Convenient twist lock/unlock chuck provides safe and secure holding of HP-sized instruments.
    • New Advanced Console Design with Microcomputer Control New intelligent microprocessor control provides fully variable speed via console or foot control. Console provides precise speed control, digital rpm display, and controls for hand/foot and forward/reverse operation.
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  • #6 – Trap-ez Disposable Plaster Traps

    Sanitary, convenient solutions for the capture and disposal of wet model trimming waste.

    • Economical trap systems designed to slow water discharge flow
    • No permanent traps to clean or messy rate and allow plaster sediment to settle out of waste water liners to replace
    • Fast and easy installation and trap replacement
    • Made in the USA
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