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  • #1 – A12 Patient Chair Only

    Flight Dental Systems new A12H Hydraulic Lift Chair is integrated with cutting edge technology improving patient and doctor comfort. The new design provides the optimal operating area for the doctor with the advantage of using the most cutting edge design maximizing the ergonomics of its environment.

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  • #1 – Base Vac Air Compressor D-Series 4-8 Users

    Our engineers have designed our compressors for years of reliable service with performance you can trust. A heavy duty block, durable cast cylinders, forged steel connecting rods, and precision machined aluminum pistons means you’ll get the longevity you deserve from a compressor. And with a 100% oil free design and our patented Perma Dry self purging desiccant dryer you’ll get the high-quality air you need.

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  • #1 – Base Vac Mini

    M-Vac | 1 – 2.5 Users

    The M-Vac is an affordable powerhouse that packs the entire BaseVac experience into a compact integrated platform. It's designed to be the perfect plug & play replacement for wet ring pumps in smaller clinics. All you need to do is install it, set it, and forget it.

    At only 30″ tall and 17″ wide it keeps a low profile without sacrificing functionality. With a vacuum this compact, the only question is what to do with all that free space in your utility room.

    • Same industry leading vacuum capacity found on our large scale custom systems
    • Dependable, efficient, and quiet rotary vane technology
    • Easy service access
    • Remote start & stop capabilities available on 2M models

    All systems offer up to 25″ Hg

    Inlet: 1.50” Hose Barb
    Drain Outlet: 1.50” Plastic Pipe


    • Remote start capability built in for 2M series – remote switch not included.
    • Exhaust Kit includes piping from pump with P-Trap, drain and 23 inches schedule 80 1 ¼ inch pipe. Inlet Kit includes hose and fittings from air water separator to vacuum pump.
    • As with all dry vac suction systems a drip leg is recommended on the exhaust line to prevent condensate return to the pump and is included with all systems.
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  • #1 – Dentx 820 Basic Film Processor

    • 3 speeds: 4 1/2, 2, 6 minutes
    • auto parameters (810 plus)
    • auto replensihing (810 plus ar)
    • power requirements: 110/220 V, 50/60 hz
    • optional daylight loader
    • easy to service
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  • #1 – Endos ACP

    AC Intraoral X-Ray – Endos ACP

    Tailored Settings: Optimize exposure parameters at the touch of a key. Specific modality may be chosen to optimize based on size of the patient and the dentition area.Smooth and Robust Movement: Quality craftsmanship that provides light-as-air movement with long term arm stability.Flexibility: Endos can be configured with a remote timer allowing you to set all the exposure parameters outside the examination room for staff safety.

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  • #1 – Flight Dental Dr. Stool

    • Backrest vertical adjustment range: 0-12cm
    • Seat height range: 47-60cm
    • 5-Leg base diameter: 61cm
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  • #1 – Flight Dental Dual Track Light

    The Flight Dental Systems Dual Track Light System is built with a unique dual carriage system mounted parallel to one another. The innovative trolley design allows for independent movement of the monitor and Polaris or IRIS LED light along the entire length of the track without any obstruction.  In addition, the protective energy chain will help to protect against electrical  and video wire damages from any twisting and bending caused during movement. The IRIS LED light features an indirect reflected LED module with touch pad control for preset settings including: cure safe, surgical and natural daylight modes. In addition, with a CRI of 90+ it is the best LED operating light on the market.

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  • #1 – Slimax-C

    • Durable: Solid aluminium body sets it apart from the mass of plastic competitors
    • Portable: Cordless design with a long-lasting battery.
    • Powerful: Generates powerful output of 2000mW/cm2(±10%)
    • Beautiful: 4 colors give you a décor choice with personal touch.

    The SLIMAX LED Curing Light System is a cordless pen style curing light used for the polymerization of light-cured dental material used by dental professionals. Equipped with a time display panel, it is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack. This curing light system generates a powerful output up to 2000 mW/cm (± 10%). The curing procedure is easier and quicker than ever before with the options of 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds curing time. This system comes with a 1 year warranty on battery.

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  • #1 – SolmetX Hg5 Mini

    Hg5 Mini

    • Accommodates up to 4 operatories. Dimensions 21 1/2″h x 11″w x 8″d. 3/4″ inlet and outlet piping.
    • Fernco couplers for easy install. Floor/wall mount brackets provided.
    • Designed specifically to fit under a counter.

    Part Number and Description

    • Hg5-Mini Hg5® Mini Amalgam Separator
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  • #1 – Tuttnauer’s Clean & Simple Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

    Tuttnauer’s Clean & Simple Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems are manufactured with only the highest quality components. The machines provide 60 kHz of quiet cleaning power which is less aggressive to instruments while still removing all surface contamination. The contemporary design and quiet operation compliment any office environment. Clean & Simple Ultrasonic Systems are available in 2 sizes and with a full selection of accessories to meet your specific needs. The 1 gallon holds a standard selection of instruments or 2 half size cassettes. The 3 gallon holds 3 full size cassettes.

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  • #1 – Valueklave 1730

    The Valueklave 1730 will satisfy all of your basic sterilization needs at an economical price. The compact size (7” chamber) makes it a perfect primary unit for small offices or a second autoclave for larger practices. The fast cycle time and heated drying delivers a quick turnaround for wrapped or unwrapped instruments. The simple controls and easy closing door make this unit a breeze to operate. High speed and reliability are built into every Valueklave 1730.


    • Fast Cycle Time. 11 minutes from a hot start* (Standard Unwrapped Cycle time).
    • Automatic shut off at the end of both the sterilization and dry cycles
    • A long life electro polished chamber and door
    • Double safety locking device prevents door from opening while chamber is pressurized
    • Drain valve is located on the front, allowing for quick and easy draining of water reservoir.
    • Dual safety to protect against overheating.
    • International certifications
    • 1 year parts and labor warranty
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  • #1- Best Price

    MKR Dental Cabinets offers the best quality custom dental cabinets you can find at prices that are better than leading competitors. MKR Dental Cabinets offers top quality material and workmanship because they operate a small, efficient factory.

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  • #1- CareMaster

    Clean THREE handpieces per cycle

    Handpiece is one of the significant investments in the dental office. It is crucial to maintain their effectiveness, so the practitioner will have the cutting efficiency and durability that they need. CareMaster is a solution for the dynamic clinical needs

    • Maximize the life span of your handpieces
    • Economical, efficient and time-saving
    • Filtered air used to rotate the handpieces for safety
    • Care for all handpiece brands
    • Disposable mist filtration system
    • Solution level indicator
    • Detachable door for easy cleaning
    • Easy replenishment of solution tank
    • Consistent and extremely efficient maintenance of up to 3 handpieces per cycle

    Individual controlled

    S : Short Cycle for High Speed Handpieces (Approx. 35 seconds)

    L : Long Cycle for Low Speed Handpieces (Approx. 45 seconds)

    E : Extra Long Cycle for Speed Reduction Handpieces (Approx. 50 seconds)

    No mess

    Spray mist is generally absorbed within the disposable Filter sponges that are easily exchanged.

    Air Regulator

    Built-in air regulator to ensure proper maintainence

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  • #1- Flight Dental Delivery A12

    Dental delivery systems represent the core of what you do in each operatory – the better suited your delivery unit is to your method of dentistry, the more efficiently you’ll be able to practice.

    Flight Dental Systems offers an extensive selection of dental delivery units for various styles: rear, ellipse, over-the-patient, side, hygiene, or delivery carts. Integrate key technology, enjoy ergonomic functionality, and customize your delivery units to your specific needs. Technical innovation and durable design are the hallmarks of all Flight Dental Systems delivery systems.

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  • #1- MK-dent Germany Classic Line

    Precision Cooling for Precise Treatments

    Spray Nozzles

    • The four-fold spray ensures safe work with optimum cooling of the preparation site. Specially developed nozzles provide for a clear view and a comfortable noise level during treatment.

    Operating Convenience

    Classic Grip

    • One result of our research is the newly designed grip for the Classic Line. The Classic Grip fits perfectly in your hand. Tangibly improved ergonomics and higher stability are the result. A high resistance to wear and corrosion is ensured through the high quality-coating of the surface.

    Record Every Detail Clearly

    LED Light

    • The glass rod light conductor enables true-color, antiglare, and uniform lighting of the entire mouth with more than 25,000 lux.
    • When combined with MK-dent LED lights for your coupling system, perfect lighting is guaranteed. Even around the molars.
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